[3.3] Privacy Policy extension für phpBB - welche Erfahrungen habt ihr damit gemacht!?

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[3.3] Privacy Policy extension für phpBB - welche Erfahrungen habt ihr damit gemacht!?

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hallo und guten Tag

ich baue soeben ein phpBB3 auf - und will die folgende Extension einsetzen:

Privacy Policy extension for phpBB -

link: https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=2464776

Description: Adds options for the user to accept the use of cookies, under EU Cookie Directive (2012), and/or GDPR (2018) on the board.

Extension Version: [RC] 2.1.0-rc7
Requirements: phpBB 3.2.2
This is a replacement for my Cookie Policy extension which now incorporates GDPR acceptance
If you have installed the Cookie Policy extension then that must be disabled and its data deleted before installing this extension
This extension has been found to be incompatible with Tapatalk
Block all links from being accessed until the Cookie Policy has been accepted
Prevent log-in/registration until the Cookie Policy has been accepted
Attempts to only show the cookie/privacy acceptance for users with an EU IP address
Show the cookie acceptance box on either the index page or all pages
Position the cookie acceptance box either on the left or right
Show the Cookie/Privacy Policy page link in the bottom nav bar
Customise the cookie acceptance box to suit your board colour scheme
Customise the Cookie Policy page colours
Will add a privacy agreement to the Registration agreement for new members
Can force all members to accept the Privacy Policy
The date/time of the acceptance is logged in the database
Can rest the acceptance so that the policy has to be re-accepted
Users can see in their UCP > Privacy Data the personal data that is stored
Admin option to list who has accepted
Admin option to view any member's personal data
There are events in this extension so that other extensions can add any other personal data
Policy text editor added for multiple languages
Permissions added
Ability to select which cpf appear on the User page
CSV download link
Link to request removal of account
Compatible wtith the Auto Groups extension <<new>>
Ability to accept/unaccept a user's Privacy Policy from the ACP (Privacy data) <<new>>
Anonymise user IP addresses on posts, polls & PMs <<new>>
Tapatalk detection and when found display a banner in the ACP <<new>>
hat jemand diese Extension schon eingesetzt!? Wenn ja mit welchen Erfahrungen!?

Freue mich von Euch zu hören. VG
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