So möchte ich manchmal Antworten formulieren können...

was sonst nirgends hineinpasst

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So möchte ich manchmal Antworten formulieren können...

Beitrag von chrk » Mo, 03.03.2008 08:07

Heute Morgen ist mir ein schönes Stück blog vor die Füße gefallen, das als Antwort auf viele Fragen, die hier im Forum gestellt werden herhalten kann.

Nachdem Sloveig Haugland sich abgeregt hat, gibt sie auch noch praktische Tipps. Training, Tips, and Ideas hat geschrieben:Software is not Templates. You can make anything you want in, you just have to have a nice IT person who'll get the templates for you, or do a little googling and downloading, or formatting, yourself.

I'm going to rant for a bit. Sorry, just hang on.
A fridge is not milk. You wouldn't look in your fridge, sigh, and say, rats, I was hoping there'd be juice. I need to get a different fridge. You expect to have to buy groceries.

An Ipod is not Lyle Lovett. You wouldn't buy a different brand of mp3 player just because it didn't have your favorite music. You expect to have to load your music.

A closet is not a great pair of peep-toe pumps. You wouldn't buy a different house just because it contains nothing to wear with your black velvet dress. You unpack your own shoes.

And a piece of software is not its templates. So there's no reason to think that can't make brochures or postcards because there's no File > New > Brochure or File > New > Postcard feature built into the software itself.

Software is written by programmers and you have to install it. Templates are just documents, created by people who generally are not programmers...
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